Family Friendly Hotels in Las Vegas

Although many think that Las Vegas is a destination for only adults, you will find plenty of family-friendly hotels here. There are places where children are just as welcome as adults. Many Vegas hotels have a kids club to keep them entertained all through their stay.

Las Vegas is a great place to bring the family. Las Vegas offers many activities for kids. You can also use it as a starting point to other adventure possibilities. A great swimming pool and kid-friendly activities are important. You should also look for rooms with all the necessary amenities.

There are many activities that are fun and engaging for children in Vegas, but most are geared toward adults. This is why you should select a hotel with amenities that children will enjoy, or which would be easier on parents.

Picking a Kid-Friendly Hotel in Vegas

It’s as simple as looking for a buffet at the Strip to find a Las Vegas hotel that is kid-friendly. We have everything you could need, including a pool or kitchenette and a hotel with arcades. You can even get directions to the closest restaurants and places to eat.

Las Vegas hotels that are good for children don’t necessarily mean boring for adults. These are our top picks for kid-friendly Las Vegas hotels that we have stayed in, eaten at, played, and recommended to others.

Circus-Circus Las Vegas

Circus Circus is the family-friendly Las Vegas hotel because it was designed specifically for children. This hotel is perfect for families who love the thrill of the fun games. Circus-Circus Hotel Las Vegas offers a casino and hotel that is family-friendly. It consists of three towers linked by a main building. The hotel also boasts an endless play arcade and is the home to the United States’ largest indoor amusement park.

Excalibur Hotel & Casino

Excalibur Hotel & Casino looks like an impressive castle lit up right at your arrival. It is something most children will enjoy – once they are inside, the experience will be fantastic. Excalibur Hotel made sure that everyone had a great time and promoted the Excalibur theme.

Treasure hunts and live events are available, as well as themed dinners. You can also visit the arcade and any of the pools which is mostly kid-friendly. You can aslo see one of several excellent restaurants located at the resort.